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Database and GUI in seconds.

MyLittleDatabase is a powerful online database collaboration tool. You may easily invite other persons to view or edit your database. Share many kinds of data in any structure you would like.

AgoRapide means extremely rapid and simple prototyping. Use AgoRapide in the early beginning of your development process to work out your datamodel. Then test the model in an auto-generated GUI with live data. Do changes on the fly.

Read about panSL, the exciting new schema-language we use, at http://panSL.org/.

The short sample below may be used to create a new schema (new database) right away:

Template Simple table

More online samples are available at http://panSL.org/Samples. The samples are syntax highlighted with explanatory links. They all have a single-click link for easy creation of your own live database for testing.

You may also dive straight into it, and start designing your own database right from scratch.


If you have already created a panSL-database you may open it here:


Database name (schema name):